Walking with the Soul Collector


I knew of Mavrick, the Soul Collector, everyone did, He was a Legend in the world of hard men & violence, the world of collectors & Enforcers.This was the world I was a part of! I had risen fast as a collector & enforcer!

The first time I met Mavrick was on a collection that was organized by a mutual friend. It was in Santa Monica at a nice restaurant on Main street. I rolled up with my Mate & waited, then like in a movie, a SIlver 420 Mercedes with a red stripe & the ace of spades on the front end. It was a custom lowrider with some of the craziest rims I have seen, & to top it off, it had bulletproof windows. It was the ultimate bad man’s car. I would one day own that car!

I felt like a little kid about to meet his Hero. a hero who happens to be a famous collector, enforcer & world renowned MMA champion. If I had a tail it would be wagging. Mavrick parks & it was like John Wayne & Clint Eastwood all in one got out of the car. Mavrick was wearing black boots, blue jeans, a white V-neck T-Shirt, dog tags, a big silver watch on his left wrist, & a tan American Indian style jacket.

He had a huge welcoming smile & a deep strong voice. He called me Grundy & said it was nice to meet me, as he had heard about me, which made me feel 10 ft tall. The Soul Collector knew who I was. A very special friendship started that day & many adventures awaited us & many more are to come.

Most people talk of loyalty & being there for you no matter the circumstances! Mavrick has walked into the fire many a time by my side, He has put his life on the line for me more than once! These are my times & lessons learnt from walking with the Soul Collector!

What’s in the book?

-22 Stories of Grundy walking with the Soul Collector. We are not your everyday gangsters

-What’s an Enforcer and what do they do?
-Why you should have your own crew of enforcers and not hire from outside sources
-Enforcers protect what they have, and take what others have.
-Turf wars and gang wars
-Why do many people like and respect enforcers?
-Enforcers can be very bad people and they can also be good people! Depends on how you meet them.
-Someone owes you money or property. A Collector gets your money & property back.
-What percentage do collectors take
-The different styles of Collections
-When are beatings handed out and why
-Whats a Loan Shark -Why do people go to Loan Sharks
-How much interest and how often is it applied
-Why does no one feel bad about beating someone who misses a payment. Except maybe the person getting the beating
-How do people get in over their head and lose everything
-How do Loan Sharks clean their money and make it legal money.
-Loan Sharking is a completely ruthless business
-What is the difference between being cracked in the head with a wooden or steel Baseball bats?
-Whats a Bitch Slap and why are they used and how
-Knocking someone out with a Slap and where are the sweet spots
-Head Butts, one of my personal favorites, when to use them, how to use them and the different styles
-The crazy lifestyle of an enforcer and collector
-Torture and when it’s used the the people who do it.
-The drugs, the alcohol and the Party side of our world

Based on true Events! This Action/Comedy explains the life of American Gangster Mavrick, the Soul Collector & Grundy, a wild weed-smoking, beer-drinking woman chasing Aussie from Down Under.

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