BodyBuilding BOOKS

My bodybuilding obsession started at 9 with an old dumbbell. From that time forward, I lived and breathed bodybuilding!
I was obsessed with becoming the best. Fun, family, friends, partying, the beach, and social life were sacrifices I would gladly make for my Career in Bodybuilding. My childhood was tough! I had TERRIBLE parents; I suffered from Malnutrition; I couldn’t read or write at 13; I didn’t finish High school; I  suffered from HORRENDOUS acne and was kicked out of home
at 16! Not An ideal start! Nothing would stop me from becoming a Bodybuilding Champion; My life proves that it matters, not where you come from. What matters is how hard you’re willing to work and how
much you’re willing to sacrifice.
I don’t hold anything back as I tell my Bodybuilding story in a funny comical way as I battled
all odds to become a 2 x Mr. Australia and place 2nd at the World championships twice, all
by age 30. I share openly and honestly my journey to achieve my Bodybuilding dreams.