Walking with the Soul Collector

After arriving in Los Angeles, California, I quickly gained a reputation as a collector and enforcer! I had heard about Mavrick, the Soul Collector. His name was mentioned by people that mattered in the world of hard men and violence. The world of collectors and enforcers. It’s not often that so many people say such good things about one person in this world we were a part of. I am sure some had bad things to say about Mavrick.

But, the fact that he was so well-liked and admired by those who knew him says much of the man. When you live the life of collecting and enforcing, you start to understand that either out of respect or fear, no one talks badly of the Soul Collector!

The Devil came a knocking, and The Soul Collector said not today!

During the writing of Walking with the Soul Collector and in the middle of shooting Mavrick N Grundy on June 15th, 2020, Mavrick was involved in a head-on collision with a Semi trailer wearing no helmet! He lost an eye, 21 Multiple fractures to his face, a broken jaw, pierced skull, a separated rib, a broken nose, and He suffered brain damage and retrograde amnesia. This means he had no idea who he was for 6 months. This was the Day Soul Collector became the IMMORTAL! This is a story that will be told!

The day I met the Soul Collector

The first time I met Mavrick was on a collection that a mutual friend organized. It was in Santa Monica at a nice restaurant on Main Street. I rolled up with my mate and waited. Like in a movie, a silver 420 Mercedes rolls up with a red stripe, and the ace of spades on the front end. It was a custom lowrider with some of the craziest rims that I have seen. To top it off, it had bulletproof windows. It was the ultimate bad man’s car. I would one day own that car!

I felt like a little kid about to meet his Hero. A hero who happens to be a famous collector, enforcer and world-renowned MMA champion. If I had a tail, it would be wagging. Mavrick parks, and it was like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood all in one got out of the car. Mavrick was wearing black boots, blue jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt, dog tags, a big silver watch on his left wrist, and a tan American Indian style jacket.

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He had a huge welcoming smile and a strong deep voice. He was well-spoken and greeted me by saying, “Grundy, it is nice to finally meet you,” as he had heard all about me, which made me feel ten feet tall. The “Soul Collector” knew who I was. I had been in awe of the stories and legend of “Mavrick the Soul Collector,” and seeing him for the first time, I felt like a man and a little boy at the same time. It is how I feel every time I am with him. I feel like a man as he treats me like a man, but I feel like a child. I could see how much more he knew than me and how much more he had experienced in life than me. We all want to be the best, the top dog, the boss, and I am no different. But with Mav, I am just happy to fall in behind him. Mavrick is one of a kind. We have been through so much together; no matter the numbers we faced or the obstacles, I always felt we would win and prevail. When we had fights with others, I actually felt bad for them. I cannot explain the confidence he gave me

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Based on true Events! This Action/Comedy explains the life of American Gangster Mavrick, the Soul Collector & Grundy, a wild weed-smoking, beer-drinking woman chasing Aussie from Down Under.

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