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My bodybuilding obsession started at 9 with an old dumbbell. From that time forward, I lived and breathed bodybuilding!
I was obsessed with becoming the best. Fun, family, friends, partying, the beach, and social
life were sacrifices I would gladly make for my Career in Bodybuilding. My childhood was
tough! I had TERRIBLE parents; I suffered from Malnutrition; I couldn’t read or write at 13; I
didn’t finish High school; I suffered from HORRENDOUS acne and was kicked out of home
at 16! Not An ideal start!
Nothing would stop me from becoming a Bodybuilding Champion; My life proves that it
matters, not where you come from. What matters is how hard you’re willing to work and how
much you’re willing to sacrifice.
I don’t hold anything back as I tell my Bodybuilding story in a funny comical way as I battled
all odds to become a 2 x Mr. Australia and place 2nd at the World championships twice, all
by age 30. I share openly and honestly my journey to achieve my Bodybuilding dreams.

The Book
If I didn’t write this Bodybuilding book, I would buy it. That’s how good it is! It’s a smart investment of your time and money!
My aim is to enlighten and entertain you with my Bodybuilding stories and tales from my days as a young up-and-coming bodybuilder as I climb the ranks of Australian Bodybuilding.
Welcome to my wild life and times Bodybuilding in Australia. You will be shocked at what I endured and even more shocked at the lengths I would go to and the things I would put myself through as I fought tooth and nail to earn the right to call myself a Bodybuilding Champion . A goal I would achieve. I became Mr. Australia two times. I would then place 2nd at the World Championships twice by age 30.
The first twenty-five chapters cover my beginning in Bodybuilding. I then take you on a ride you will remember for years. There are things I talk about that I wish I could forget. But I can’t! I talk about all the Bodybuilding shows I competed in. You hear about all my triumphs, failures, visits to the ER, the stupid, bordering-on crazy things I put myself through, and my all-consuming obsession for
eleven years straight as I would become two-time Mr. Australia Bodybuilding Champion. Each of the first twenty-five chapters comes with Grundy’s Words of Wisdom and the Lessons I learned from each chapter.
Chapters 26 and 27 cover my training days at the ultimate bodybuilding gym in Australia, City Gym! City Gym is located in the heart of Sydney, and back in my day, it was a wild and dangerous place: the more night crept up on us, the crazier the area became. City Gym was just down the road from the Notorious Kings Cross. Now it’s a tourist attraction, but back then, it was where all the gangsters, thugs, pimps, prostitutes, drug users, and drug dealers were. I would
see many things a 19-year-old should never see and go through, things others would not live through. I talk about my Bodybuikding times, struggles, and victories as I became a Bodybuilding Champion training at the Mecca of bodybuilding in Australia, City Gym.
Chapters 28-34 Cover both of my trips to the US to train, network, and make my dreams come true. I talk about the amazing Gold’s Gym Venice, the places I visited, the things I got up to, the
amazing bodybuilders and people I would meet, and the friends and enemies I would make. I would meet some Wankers and fake people you will hear about, as well as the many who would help and guide me.
Chapter 35 I talk about all the people in Bodybuilding I would meet during my days as a bodybuilder back home, those I would compete against, those who would become mates, and those who would never be mates, and my reasons why. I talk openly and honestly about everyone I encountered during my Bodybuilding career. Good or bad, it is the truth! I could care less how some will take that. If you were an ass hole, I tell people you were an ass hole!
Chapter 36 I have others share their words and thoughts on me, good and bad, from my mates to those I compete against, my favorite school teacher and coaches in Australia, and those I would befriend and work with in America.

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Based on true Events! This Action/Comedy explains the life of American Gangster Mavrick, the Soul Collector & Grundy, a wild weed-smoking, beer-drinking woman chasing Aussie from Down Under.

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