Guy Grundy

Before we were Angels we once were collectors & enforcers. There was a major collection that no one wanted any part off! No one messes with the people the collection was on, due to this I was one of the people not interested in signing up for the job. Things changed when word got out that Mavrick, the Soul Collector was to lead the collection, & just like that I was now in.
From the day we met, we would forge a rare friendship that would take us on many wild adventures & journeys! We would collect & enforce together & Soon Mavrick N Grundy stories would be told by many, especially me.
People would often say that we should make a movie, we should write a book. We always laughed & never truly considered it, collecting & enforcing was more than paying the bills. We had a situation arise that required us to lay low for a while. We spent a lot of time together & the subject of making a movie & writing a book came up & we thought, why not. Once the dust settled we came out of hiding, took care of some loose ends & set our sites on Hollywood. We formed our own production company & jumped into the deep end head first & within 2 years we created Mavrick N Grundy the series & a clothing line, wrote & published Walking with the Soul Collector as a paperback & E-Book with an Audible version coming. We will also be releasing another series we produced, Grundy’s Misfits.

Guy Grundy Productions also works with other content creators to polish their projects with editing, sound design, color, effects & a whole lot more. Our production department is headed by Drew Dermott.

Our series & books are based off true events & circumstances we faced & experienced during our days as Good men doing bad things.

We use our past to help create our future. It’s as if our lives were spent gathering stories & experiences that we are now able to share.

Oh and so you don’t judge a book by its cover, Mavrick is a preacher, a politician running for Mayor as well as a marriage councelor.

Based on true Events! This Action/Comedy explains the life of American Gangster Mavrick, the Soul Collector & Grundy, a wild weed-smoking, beer-drinking woman chasing Aussie from Down Under.

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