Guy Grundy is a former 2 x Mr. Australia and a 2 x runner up at the World Championships in Bodybuilding. His dream was to come to America and train alongside the best bodybuilders in the World at the MECCA of bodybuilding Gold’s Gym, Venice! He would accomplish that dream in 1998 and then become a US Citizen! Becoming a US Citizen is the greatest moment of Grundy’s life and his proudest achievement. He has found much success as an Award Winning Actor, Director, script writer and producer! Having filmed over 15 National Commercials and over 30 Movies and Tv series! He would also become an Enforcer and collector in Los Angeles, California! He was raided at his home by S.W.A.T and was looking at a bail of over 1 million dollars and facing 16 years in jail!

Grundy was toughened as a youth as he grew up hard, living with any family member that could take him, he attended 15 different schools due to being moved around so much! At 9 years of age he was diagnosed as suffering from malnutrition, suffered from the skin condition known as psoriasis, which was painful and embarrassing, At 13 he was unable to read or write and was banned from participating in all sports for 3 month, he was sent to the Prince of Wales special Hospital to learn to read and write. Grundy rode the short bus for 6 month & did nothing but learn to read and write. This would be a life changing event for Grundy as he would become a Published writer with over 100 articles being published worldwide, as well as having his own columns in MuscleMag International

At 16 Grundy was kicked out of home and lived in a building that was set for demolition and worked every job imaginable! All these jobs were physical and hard work! At 17 years of age, Grundy’s years of training as a bodybuilder had paid off, he was a bulky 216lbs at a height of 6ft tall!. Grundy started door work in Sydney and would find stability in his life for the first time. He retired from a promising Rugby career and gave everything he had to Bodybuilding which started the journeys and adventures Grundy has had as he grew from a Boy to a man! These are his stories and tales as he walked beside the Soul Collector.


Grundy resume & some of his series & shows

Bane the Series Episodes 1 & 2
Producer & Lead Role Bane

Six Feet Down Under Episodes 1 & 2 Producer & Lead Role Mick

Heroes with Issues
Grundy as He-Man & Prince Adam

City of Scars
Bat in the Sun

Super Horror Beat Down
Halloween Special
Bat in the Sun

Dying is Easy
Bat in the Sun

Based on true Events! This Action/Comedy explains the life of American Gangster Mavrick, the Soul Collector & Grundy, a wild weed-smoking, beer-drinking woman chasing Aussie from Down Under.

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